AWCIA was organized in the 1980's as CWSA, the Commercial Weather Services Association, to support commercial weather service providers, by focusing all commercial interests into one unified voice.

Who We Are

AWCIA is the trade association for the professionals who make weather their business. Our organization represents a diverse weather industry and the industry's diverse needs. We are an organization run by its members, for its members. We are committed to growing the industry by providing services to our members, ultimately making a stronger American Weather Enterprise.

Our members are businesses that have a significant impact on how weather information is collected, disseminated and enhanced to provide custom services to weather-sensitive businesses as well as the general public. AWCIA members build weather sensors, implement government weather programs, broadcast weather presentations, disseminate raw government and privately-owned weather data, generate weather products and services, and provide specialized services to a wide variety of markets. We are the "value-added provider" or extension to the Government supplied weather data because we assimilate and tailor the information for specific uses. Our member corporations employ from 2 - 1000+ employees and cover a wide spectrum of capabilities and sizes.

What We Stand For

Our primary objective is to promote the unique position of the American Weather Industry in the American Weather Enterprise. America's Weather Industry is the only private sector producer of information, services and systems related to weather.

Membership Benefits

As a AWCIA member you are invited to represent the America's commercial weather industry in conferences and workshops on an as-needed basis. Since the organization is "run by its members, for its members", all members have the opportunity to attend for the association. In addition, the presentations made at these functions are inclusive of all members - that is, your company will be represented in your own words with your logo, contact information and/or web site address given equal billing with other members. This provides your company visibility.

You will also have access to the presentations and a complete report on the workshop or conference via AWCIA's members-only secure web site. This benefit helps you monitor activities outside of your immediate interest but which may impact your future. AWCIA maintains an open dialogue with many federal agencies. This bridges the gap between these agencies and their weather needs. Whether it is the Department of Transportation, Department of Commerce, Department of Defense or Department of Energy, AWCIA is a focal point for their needs from the commercial sector.

AWCIA also disseminates information on weather-related activities underway within the Federal Agencies including DOC/NOAA, DOD/Air Force, DOD/Navy, DOT/ FAA, DOT/FHWA , DOE and others. AWCIA is also on the "radar screen" for Federal Agencies with active weather programs. Representatives from these agencies brief our members on the programs currently underway and those on the horizon for the next 2+ budget years at our annual meeting and provide updates for the AWCIA web site on a regular basis.

The organization also has a very active Government Liaison Committee which monitors the Commerce Business Daily (CBD) and other sources for new initiatives underway within the Federal agencies which may be either opportunities or potential threats for our members. This committee then authors appropriate responses for the industry and the best interest of our members. This 'voice' has been very successful in maintaining a clear line between appropriate government initiatives and initiatives which may impose on existing private sector business.

With technology moving forward at lightning-fast speeds, our members need every opportunity available to them to stay abreast of the changes. AWCIA has installed regular industry briefing and annual meeting to help its members stay abreast of changes and new applications. The AWCIA annual meeting, held jointly with the AMS annual meeting, is the most obvious action on our members' behalf, maximizing your time away from the office.

AWCIA also monitors and informs members of governmental, judicial and legislative initiatives affecting the industry either directly or indirectly. Every business needs to be 'plugged' into the efforts of our elected officials within our Federal Government. There are too many special interests playing on the Hill to trust that our industry would remain unaffected by their power. These may not be directly related to our business but could be impacting our suppliers and partners in the telecommunication or technology arenas. The changes in technology are bringing changes to how our Government perceives existing business and current business practices. There are also international treatises underway which could impact how our information is protected in the future.

AWCIA has a voice on the Hill. The voice is there to represent the best interests of our members and their partners. We have employed professional lobbyists, and from time-to-time use others to monitor the issues of several committees and report to our Legislative Committee on a regular basis. This Committee assists in formulating the strategy that best suits the needs of the members and involves members in the activities implementing that strategy. Your voice is important, your time is valuable. Monitoring legislation on the Hill is time-consuming. This benefit alone justifies the cost of AWCIA membership.

Within AWCIA, there are many opportunities to network with our peers in the business, opening doors for new business relationships or joint ventures and strategic alliances. Now, more than ever, success comes from a position of strength. Efforts across the next ten years will focus on merging and maximizing those partnerships. The association brings together business professionals in a social environment who may not have had the opportunity to interact. AWCIA is also coordinating efforts of its members with Government sources, maximizing the core strengths of both groups.



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