Our Objectives

To promote the unique place of America's Weather and Climate Industry in the American Weather Enterprise as the only private sector producer of information, services and systems related to weather and climate;

To afford a means of active and positive cooperation with the government, including all federal departments and agencies that budget for and/or conduct programs in the atmospheric sciences;

To promote through legislative, regulatory and governmental initiatives, recognition and expansion of the role of America's Weather and Climate Industry as a source of weather and climate services and products to business, government and the general public;

To assist development of inherently governmental federal weather and climate programs and services, and lend public support to federal agencies seeking approval of true "public service" programs;

To actively oppose unfair competition with America's Weather and Climate Industry by federal agencies, federally funded university and non-profit laboratories, and subsidized foreign corporations;

To provide an objective forum for the discussion and resolution of common problems and general issues that impact America's Weather and Climate Industry;

To inform the general public of the existence of and the important role played by America’s Weather and Climate Industry;

To provide a coordinated voice for America's Weather and Climate Industry on national issues;

To inform its members of economic, governmental, judicial, legislative and industrial developments affecting the industry, either directly or indirectly;

To establish, and maintain, active cooperation by its members with other persons, groups, corporations and associations that may have a common interest in the attainment of these purposes as stated;

To engage in any and all lawful activities incidental to the forgoing purposes.