WeatherBank CEO Honored at AMS


January 22, 2010, EDMOND, Oklahoma

WeatherBank, Inc., a leading weather services company, today announced that President and CEO Steven A. Root received the American Meteorological Society’s (AMS) Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Advance of Applied Meteorology.  Recognizing his long history for pioneering innovations resulting in the widespread demand for value-added weather information, the award was presented at the American Meteorological Society’s 90th Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony on January 20, 2010 in Atlanta.




Root was recognized “for pioneering applications resulting in the widespread demand for value-added weather information.”  The Applied Meteorology award is granted to an individual for contributions to the direct application of meteorological or climatological knowledge to the fulfillment of industrial or agricultural needs or in research and development of scientific knowledge, which can meet such needs.  Names of nominees are submitted to the Board for Private Sector Meteorologists with input from the Applied Climatology Scientific and Technological Activities Commission (STAC) Committee. The Board submits a recommendation to the Commissioner on Professional Affairs, who reviews the recommendation and then makes a recommendation to the Council for final approval.


“I am humbled by being recognized by the American Meteorological Society, an international organization known for its promotion of professional standards and valid scientific research in the atmospheric and related sciences,” said Steve Root.  “It is an extreme honor to be recognized by my peers,” he added.


“I am proud of Steve’s accomplishments and his leadership in pioneering and building our ‘Best-of-Breed’, industry-leading weather services,” said Michael R. Root, WeatherBank’s Exec. VP/CFO and Steve’ twin.  “During the past twenty-years of Steve’s tenure, WeatherBank has been unparalleled in providing highly-focused, value-added weather databases supporting resolution of tough customer environmental problems.”

Root, an AMS certified consulting meteorologist, one of only 700 worldwide, has more than 35-years of experience spanning industrial, broadcasting and commercial meteorological applications. As WeatherBank’s chief meteorologist Root is responsible for all weather content used in WeatherBank’s products and services, including meteorological support for the Company’s renewable energy development projects in wind across the U.S.A. Along with his twin Michael, he is co-inventor of patented weather advisory systems, which will have dramatic impact on how location-specific weather and non-weather content is presented to end-users, wirelessly.  Root received his bachelor's and master's degrees in meteorology from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.


About WeatherBank, Inc.


Founded in 1972, WeatherBank has provided custom weather and forecast services to nearly every regulated and unregulated power and natural gas provider across North America. Services include round-the-clock assessment and alerting of severe and radically changing weather impacts, custom, hour-by-hour localized weather forecasting, and custom graphical display systems for rapid interpretation of weather risks. Employed by the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, WeatherBank personnel provided site-specific weather forecasts for four of the five outdoor venues at the Games. The 2002 Winter Games reported the highest weather forecast accuracy of any American Winter Olympics.  Today, WeatherBank’s primary focus spans nearly every aspect of wind farm development, including land speculation and acquisition, weather station deployment and localized data gathering, to project design and turbine placement, and final prospect sale.  Projects cover western Oklahoma, southwestern Kansas and eastern New Mexico, and total nearly 1,100 MW.



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