AWCIA Supports HR 1561



May 15, 2015

The Honorable Lamar Smith, Chairman
The Honorable Eddie Bernice Johnson, Ranking Member
Committee on Science, Space and Technology
US House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Representatives Smith and Johnson:

AWCIA, an organization representing many of America’s leading weather industry companies, supports the passage of HR 1561, the Weather Forecast and Innovations Act of 2015.  AWCIA has only praise for those members of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology that forged a bi-partisan coalition and worked together to advance this critical legislation.  We want to thank Representatives Smith, Johnson, Bonamici, Stewart, Lucas, Rohrabacher and especially to Jim Bridenstine for his leadership.

This bipartisan bill will help improve America’s severe weather forecasting capabilities through a visionary weather research plan at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  We applaud the improvements in the bill for hurricane and tornado warnings. By creating the Commercial Weather Data Pilot Program this will enable NOAA to better consider private sector data that will be more cost sustainable and also, help save lives.

AWCIA membership comprises small and large commercial entities across America. The AWCIA membership serves governmental agencies, small, medium and large companies, and the general public with value added products every day. NOAA/NWS and their programs and employees have Weather Industry support.  America’s weather and climate Industry has NOAA/NWS support.   In this ideal partnership, the American citizen emerges as the ultimate beneficiary.

Our membership agrees that HR 1561, the Weather Forecast and Innovations Act of 2015 is the first step towards giving NOAA the authority to purchase high-value commercial weather data and will help NOAA regain its global forecasting superiority in weather prediction.


Steven Root


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